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Suit Juice is a multi-functional wet suit and dry suit lubricant. It simplifies the entry and exit from all wet suits, dry suits and neoprene accessories. Suit Juice prevents chafing and rash protection. It neutralizes and eliminates uric acids and oils naturally caused by the human body. Such acids will destroy latex and increase fading to neoprene. Using Suit Juice regularly will help condition the suit and protect it over time. SUITJUICE has been recommended by athletes just like you, tested in labs of Patagonia and top wetsuit developers.

Application: SHAKE WELL. Spray liberally and evenly on the inside of your suit, target areas you are experiencing chafing and challenging tug spots. Safe to spray on skin and any type of suits and accessories. It is equipped with a sprayer to easily target your problem areas and no reason to rub Suit Juice in surfaces with your hands.  

Faster Results: With wetsuit removal, spray a liberal amount on legs, ankles or arms.

Chafing and Rash Prevention: Apply in front, sides and back of neck, under and around sleeveless arm holes and any other problem areas you are experiencing discomfort.

AVOID getting in your eyes.

All bottles are made BPA FREE. 

  • Perfect to using to get you wetsuit off for a fast transition for triathlon.
  • Saves you from chafing when you swim in the ocean.
  • Suit Juice for Ease of Entry and Exit Neoprene Surfing or Scuba Wetsuits
  • Suit Juice is fantastic for putting your wetsuit on with easy.
  • Easy to use spray on lubricant that is safe and environmental friendly. 
  • No greasy residue Odor free Biodegradable 8 oz bottle
  • Saves wear and tear on your neoprene products