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They are specifically designed to let the sound in and the water out, keeping your ears protected without affecting your hearing or balance.

In general, earplugs assist in preventing water from entering the ear canal, but not as a holistic solution. With generic earplugs, the ear canal is blocked and no sound enters, blocking hearing, which is an essential human sense much needed to keep you oriented. With Ocean Ears and the technology built into them, the protection and added benefits of keeping sound in and water out have enhanced the overall experience for swimmers.

Frequent swimmers have been known to suffer from either 'Surfer’s ear’ or ‘Swimmer’s ear’. What's the difference? Simply, 'Surfer’s ear’ is the bone growing and closing the ear canal due to the coldness of ness of the water.

Whereas, ‘Swimmer’s ear’ is caused by water being stuck in the ear canal which leads to bacterial infection. In more severe cases, it has been known that some people can even get an overlap of both ‘Swimmer’s/Surfer’s ear’ at the same time.

So this product is perfect for both pool swimmers, surfers and ocean swimmers.

A durable non-stick hydrophobic coated Acoustic Mesh gives the Ocean Ears a close to zero acoustic loss in the frequency range of human speech, whilst shielding the inner ear to enhance hearing.

The Core amplifies the acoustics into the ear with its custom-fit ensemble. And the Fixation Wing and Sealing Gel, which are available in various sizes for that custom fit, ensure the best overall experience to keep you swimming no matter pool or open water, warm or cold.